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Can two people with degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering really mean a better buying or selling experience for you?


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Sonya May

Buying or selling a home is certainly an exciting, and sometimes complicated process but it’s not rocket science. But even if it was, I’m still the right agent for you…

After growing up in Southern Indiana and attending the University of Evansville on an academic scholarship, I packed up my car and moved myself to Fort Worth, Texas. There, I worked for General Dynamics on military contracts for the F-16 as well as the F-111. After meeting my fellow-engineer husband, we moved to Phoenix where I led an avionics team at Honeywell. So you see, rocket science is right down my alley!

“Phoenix? But you’re in North Carolina.”

I had my first child in Phoenix, and deciding that we wanted to be on the same side of the country as our family (my husband’s family is in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area), we packed up again and moved to the RTP area. That was in 1996. We loved the Triangle so much it’s been our home for over 17 years! 

“Engineer? But you’re a Real Estate Agent.”

And there’s more in between! After moving to North Carolina, I gladly settled into the role of “Mom.” My husband and I had two more beautiful children and the happiness and well-being of my family became my main priority. My “at-home” time wasn’t always so “at-home.” I started an extremely successful investment club. When the first stock I purchased doubled in a year, I was hooked! In addition, I wrote two books on the topic of Joy and the power of choice and received requests for motivational speaking. In between all of that, I served as Room Mom and PTA President at my children’s school. For two years, I chaired a non-profit auction that raised over $200,000. I became engaged in the Town of Cary government, served on a committee for my School Board representative and am a member of my neighborhood homeowner’s association board. For the past 11 years, my family has mentored a boy who is the first man in his family, not only to graduate from high school, but to attend college! So when I decided to put my work pants on again, I considered going back to engineering but I knew that I really wanted to engage in a career that was focused on people, lots of people. You see, I love people. People are extremely interesting to me; everyone has a story and everyone’s story is important. I pulled on my strengths of engineering logic, my outgoing personality and my desire to work with many, many people and became a real estate agent. 

“Me? I would really like it to be about me.”

And it will be! My true interest in people and my focus on joy are a perfect combination for you. The bottom line I’m most concerned with is your satisfaction. I will listen to what you say and I help you focus on what’s important to you. After all, this process is all about you! And it doesn’t all end when we close the deal. As I said, I love people, and I still love them after the deal is done. Because of my personal style of doing business, it’s very likely that we’ll be life-long friends.

“What now? Because it all sounds pretty good.”

I’m so glad to hear you say that! Tell me how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true. Call me and let’s get started! 


Bill May

How am I ever going to top what Sonya wrote?


I received my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Penn State, where I was also actively - and perhaps more so – involved in student government and on–campus concert events.


After graduating I did avionics, flight control and software engineering at General Dynamics in TX and Honeywell in AZ, and then got into systems administration at Honeywell and AG Communication Systems.


Ultimately moving to Cary, NC, I worked in Sales and Marketing roles at Auspex, DataDomain, EMC, NetApp, Progress Software, Riverbed, VERITAS and VMware during my 20 (and counting) years here.


Rewinding to growing up, I worked with my dad a lot in his workshop. And my summer jobs during college were in construction. So now from a real estate perspective it makes perfect sense that I'm very involved in inspections, remodeling ideas, and quick fixes here and there in a pinch. 

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