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SMART, really!

  • Diligent, working harder on behalf of the client than any other realtor in our history, which includes more than a dozenn home purchase/sale transactions.

  • Dignified, always keeping your cool even at those times when confrontational assertion is the necessary business action.

  • Diverse, able to optimize million dollar deals with the same grace and efficiency as you provide for starter homes.

  • Thorough, carrying every detail through to conclusion without missing a step.

  • Timely, always punctual, always cognizant of the timeline and the priorities.

  • Tireless, evenings, weekends, holidays included – you persist (see diligence above)

  • Savvy, street-wise and aware of the situation that pertains to the interests of your client

  • Smart, really !

  • Overall, providing a Super-Duper customer service experience for those clients lucky enough to be working with you two.


- Ted & Barb Abram 

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